Faux Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is quite a popular choice for many home owners and yet it can be a costly option. That has led more to look into faux stone instead. Now, faux stone is lovely because you can get a lovely cozy feel without the added cost and it is quite a simple thing to add into the home as well. It doesn’t matter what type of home you have, faux stone can really lift it and give it some spirit. However, what do you know about faux stone flooring?

Faux Stone Is Less Expensive Than Natural Stone

One of the biggest reasons as to why stone is greatly adored is because of how it looks. The natural stone can shine through and really look fantastic offering more beauty into a home. However natural stone can be a little more costly than what many would be happy to pay which leaves a real problem. Faux stone flooring however, offers the same quality look without the high costs. It’s a real plus to say the least as it ensures all home owners have the ability to use faux stone without getting the extremely high costs.

Why You Must Choose A High Quality Faux Stone Flooring Solution

Faux stone vinyl is certainly a popular option for those looking at stone and it’s all because of how easy the installation and finished result can be. Once the vinyl stickers are down the floor can look amazing but, if the vinyl isn’t high quality, they can look really bad. If the stickers are shiny then people will know its fake stone and you might not be happy with the look. Stone flooring, especially faux stone, is supposed to look nice and authentic but with vinyl it can all go wrong. That is why you must look at the quality of the vinyl flooring before purchasing. This will avoid a disaster once the floor is installed.

Installation Can Be Simple

Despite what many believe, stone flooring can be more than easy to install. There is no difficult installation required and you should be able to install with limited skills as well which is even better! It doesn’t matter if you’re opting for faux stone, it’s really easy to install and quite easy to maintain too. That is so important because if you don’t have the money to pay a professional to install the floor, its good it’s easy to install. However, faux stone is truly a lovely option for every home and there isn’t a lot that goes into maintaining it either so again, it’s a real advantage. That is why more are now choosing faux stone.

Love Faux Stone

Faux stone has to be amongst the very best types of flooring options today and it really does show its quality. Once you have this installed and complete, you will just love its unique look and it can be utterly gorgeous. It’s long-lasting and you should find it more than durable too which is perfect! Enjoy your faux stone flooring and it’ll last a lifetime.

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Protect Vinyl Flooring from Moisture

One of the good things about the vinyl floor is that they are quite resistant to moisture and it will take a huge number of spills to cause any visible effect on it. When there is a constant presence of moisture underneath the floor which ends up corroding the adhesive and causing the edges to pull away, this is where there is a problem with the level.

It ends up causing the edges of the floor to pull away, and it also leads to discoloration as well as stain rings. The sources of the moisture on the floor are quite numerous, and some of them are usually not taken into consideration by contractors. There is the need for the adequate checking and fixing of any source through which water might infiltrate the vinyl and also thoroughly preparing the concrete.

Vinyl flooring installation

It is critical that the floor installers check the level of moisture in the concrete during the facility. Once the moisture level is adequate, then the installation of the floor may proceed. If however, something changes such as a heavy rain after a long drought season, inadequate drainage, or improving landscaping, then there is a high possibility of the home being subjected to vapor emission.

In the process of installing vinyl flooring in an area with high moisture, the floor should be dried first; although this might take a long time ranging from days to weeks.

Moisture and Vinyl Adhesive

Go for plastic that comes with built-in mildewcide which won’t allow the growth of mold. Purchase an adhesive that comes with an already made sealant, and you should also ensure it is compatible with the floor.

In case your concrete subfloor is too moist, then you should consider some other flooring options such as tiles. A good practice is also the installation of new flooring over an old one, for instance, this will encapsulate old materials that contain asbestos and also add some extra level of moisture protection.

Sealing out Moisture

One of the most prevalent sources of moisture to a floor is the toilet; you should always ensure that all the adjacent fixtures to the part for vinyl floor installation are water tight; hence you should pay extra attention to the toilet.

Conduit water pipes are also where moisture comes in contact with the vinyl flooring, making use of high quality, flexible silicone sealant will help to keep the emission of vapor down.

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